Fall 2023: Strange Science

Available August 2022

Reality is a harsh mistress—so why not jump to a new one? Is that even possible? Explore some of the most popular sci-fi tropes from popular books, shows, and movies. Then, learn how they’re grounded in reality. From alternate realities to time travel, these ideas are now part of our everyday lives, even if they’re not quite “real” yet. But is there any scientific basis behind them? Could we someday make things like warp drives, simulations, and cybernetic limbs reality? Or are we just in a perpetual plot hole? Strange Science is the series that will find out.

At just 32 pages, Strange Science uses pop culture references to popular series such as Star Wars, Stranger Things, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and more to explain real-life science concepts. With relevant topics such as Artificial Intelligence, astrophysics, string theory, and alternate realities, kids will be hooked on learning about the real-life science behind their favorite sci-fi movies, shows, and video games.